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Meet with Innovative Israeli Companies at Mobile World Congress 2017


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MWC 2017

Making Waves with Mobile

A global leader in mobile telecommunications, Israel is back in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2017 presenting a full spectrum of advanced solutions tailored for carriers, content providers, app stores, enterprises and users.

The Israel Pavilion at Mobile World Congress 2017 will provide a centrally located, high profile venue for 65 of Israel’s leading high technology companies, presenting the latest solutions for mobile communications. The pavilion is organized by The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute in cooperation with the Foreign Trade Administration of the Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry.

This year we are again showcasing ISRAEL: StartAppNation, our own app store with Israel’s hottest and most intriguing mobile apps. Visitors can experience these apps live in our pavilion.

The Israel Pavilion highlights infrastructure and support hardware & software that enable efficient conversion to the latest LTE networks, while optimizing and virtualizing the performance of current systems, thus maximizing operator revenue.

Israeli companies will also demonstrate solutions from a wide variety of IoT verticals such as: Cyber, mHealth, Transportation, Education, Smart city, Smart Home and many more.

Many Israeli exhibitors focus on handsets, with advanced microchips and software products enhancing the functionality and usability of smartphones. The Israel pavilion will also feature content, roaming, cloud technologies.

The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, a non- profit organization supported by the government of Israel and the private sector, facilitates business ties, joint ventures and strategic alliances between international and Israeli companies. The Institute is committed to bringing together mobile-centric corporations around the world with Israeli companies whose mobile applications, services and platforms provide a business advantage in the highly competitive mobile market.

The Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry is responsible for managing and directing the international trade policy of the State of Israel. The Administration’s main fields of activity include promotion of trade and exports, initiating and maintaining trade agreements, attracting and facilitating foreign investments and creating strategic cooperation with foreign companies. Together with the Administration’s team located in Israel, we operate a network of more than 40 economic representatives around the world who serve as the operational arm of the Ministry in the global markets.

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