Company Profile 

2Sens brings real 3D (stereoscopic) shooting from your mobile as easy as standard video shooting today and providing the software platform to build endless AR/MR applications on top of 3D User Generated Content.

Based in Tel-Aviv, the computer vision start-up brings a new type of UGC.

Beyond providing Comfort 3D stereo shooting capability on all smartphones, the company is bringing an MR 3D kit platform, enabling the creation of endless different AR/MR applications: 3D virtual content naturally mixed with true 3D video content that you shoot yourself, while solving the occlusion challenge. Then it is stored or real-time live-streaming.  Based on its proprietary technology to learn and analyze the scene in real-time, including depth, space and motion in the video streams, the platform provides tools that open the door to variety of premium applications, merging and immersing digital content: videos and graphics into the personally captured content.  And all this groundbreaking technology can be watched as 2D on all screens or on VR display devices as real 3D stereo video.

Solution at a Glance

With its unique approach and very effective solution, the real-time processing on the smartphone enables live-streaming of true 3D AR.

With an affordable add-on to any smartphone, the stereoscopic video is corrected to perfection but also analyzed, frame-by-frame, in order to truly understand the scene, and hence enabling realistic placement of virtual content into the real-world video.

Our Offering

  • 3D Capturing by everybody
  • Live Stream 3D Video to be watched by any device
  • Enriching the video with augmented virtual content
  • The ultimate mixed-reality platform
  • Premium / Tailored App: Corporate Training, Video Bloggers, and more.
  • Low cost and ease of use.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

As of today, there is no easy way for creating 3D video. Therefore, consumers are not generating 3D content.

With 2Sens, they will easily generate such content, enrich it with AR and live stream it.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

live stream Our solution has two-fold advantages:

  1. Real-time processing on the smartphone
  2. True mixed reality – augment 3D content into 3D video with occlusion solved

Both unique selling points, with the addition of affordable and ease of use, make it the most appealing solution for the consumers / non-professional users.