Company Profile 

Axonize is the only IoT platform built for service providers and system integrators, giving a real competitive edge in IoT projects. Easily scaling to hundreds of IoT apps, in any industry, the Axonize IoT orchestration platform makes even the most complex IoT apps simple and fast to implement. With the deepest business logic right out of the box and full extensibility, you define, configure, manage and analyze any input or output your IoT application requires. All on your own – no professional services required.

Solution at a Glance

Axonize is a full scale IoT orchestration platform that lets you easily tie-in data and business logic across applications and sensors. Building a powerful IoT app is simple, because absolutely everything in Axonize is configurable and extensible, no professional services needed for customization. Axonize also allows system integrators to reuse business logic and other platform customizations in completely separate IoT apps, so they’re not starting from scratch every time.

Our Offering

Axonize is a full scale IoT orchestration platform providing everything you need to create the most powerful IoT applications including – connectivity management, device management, rules and actions engine, analytics, data visualization and dashboards, external interfaces and database and storage management.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

Connect any device in any in any protocol.
Implement any business logic in any industry.
Develop and deploy multiple applications for multiple customers on the same platform.
Be agile and in full control of the time and budget.
Develop and adopt applications by non-developers.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

Axonize Any Thing – Axonize handles any device and any protocol, in any industry. And will keep doing so – you can always guarantee 100% interoperability
Axonize Any Logic – Axonize provides the deepest and richest business logic layer, out-of-the-box, that can meet all your IoT application’s requirements immediately
Axonize Cross App – Axonize is the only IoT platform that can provide cross-application insights on any device or data point.
Axonize Any One – Everything in the Axonize platform is configurable and extensible by you. Professional services are a thing of the past.

Above all – Axonize is SIMPLE.