BillRun Technologies

Company Profile 

BillRun Technologies develops and provides a revolutionary Open Source Billing Solution for companies in the fields of IoT, Telecom Operators [CSPs, MVNOs,] Utilities, Transportation and more.

BillRun’s founders identified a clear need to challenge existing BSS solutions, due to the significant changes in the Telecommunications market, deregulations, new market entries, simplification of services, shift toward more data services, the explosion of IoT usages and the OTT effects.

BillRun, as a platform was designed, from the ground up to address digital age requirements, among them – Short time-to-market, usage of the latest technologies, phenomenal flexibility, effortless scalability, operational efficiency and time savings and designed for Big Data

BillRun Technologies is based in Israel, established as a company in 2012, self-funded. BillRun Technologies team is composed of young yet experienced entrepreneurs and talented developers that specialize in open source technologies.

Solution at a Glance

BillRun® is a unique, affordable billing solution that provides real-time high-performance convergent rating, charging and invoicing, designed to handle billions of event records monthly and to increase revenues in companies of any size.

Remarkably flexible, BillRun® includes a sophisticated rating engine that incorporates data from various sources, such as calls, text messages, data usage and M2M/IoT into the billing process, enabling easy customization and personalization according to specific business needs, and seamless integration with any CRM system and other enterprise system [ERP, Provisioning, etc]. BillRun® can either be installed on customer premises, or accessed through the cloud as BillRun as a Service.

Our Offering

BillRun® offers an innovative, open-source, cost-effective and customizable billing solution for CSPs/Telecom Operators, MVNOs, IoT providers and businesses of any size, from startups to enterprises in various industries, supporting and processing vast amounts of data and utilizing cloud-based open-source technologies. Our solution is fast, flexible and affordable. We enable customers to manage their customers and subscribers commercial life cycle on a single billing platform.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

  • Telecom operators around the world are struggling with outdated billing systems.  In addition, the IoT [Internet of Things] is leading operators to reassess their business strategies and upgrade to advanced, flexible billing solutions that will help them gain a prime position in the market.
  • New businesses are leveraging the IoT trend to develop new types of services and products. These early stage players that have not yet stabilized their positions in the market are looking for a flexible, agile and affordable monetization platform to address market demand and trends.
  • BillRun provides established as well as early stage businesses with an  agile, flexible and open platform for managing revenues and financial interactions with customers.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • Open Source – No vendor lock
  • Linearly Scalable – Able to accommodate growth in predictable, linear manner, saving significant costs in infrastructure.
  • Designed for Big Data – thanks to  No-SQL database, any type of Data record [xDR] can be processed by the system without the need for redefining various tables and parameters, allowing short time to market.
  • Simple and intuitive UI – easy to use, flexible to generate reports, add custom fields, run various functions, manage customers, subscribers and users.
  • Flexible and agile – from the ground up, BillRun was designed to handle endless types of data inputs, calculators, plans, products, services and other entities to form a robust yet flexible system.