Company ProfileĀ 

Byond was founded by Noam Levavi and Eran Galil in 2015 with a clear vision: use the latest Augmented and virtual reality technologies, to let businesses access the latest and greatest with as little hassle as possible.

Levavi, previously founder of YCD, a digital signage media company with customers as Microsoft, McDonalds, Toyota and others, used his vast knowledge and experience to take marketing to the next level. VR and AR seemed the right way to go.

Along with Eran, a big data expert in HP and CTO in IDF intelligence unit 8200, they created the company and have been developing it since.

With R&D centers in Israel and Eastern Europe, and sales & marketing units in US, Europe and Asia, Byond takes any willing business into the new levels of reality, with a shelf ready product or a custom made solution from small companies to giant corporations.

Utilizing experts from media channels, Electronics companies and marketing professionals, Byond gives the customers the best solution for any request.

All Byond products are supported by all major devices and the device database expands as the market does.

All data collected can be accessed and analyzed in real time for conclusions and improvements.

Ready to go Byond?

Solution at a Glance

Byond offers a cloud based platform for businesses that wants to create their own 360/VR/AR app without the hassle.

No code required, no installation required for most devices, just add your 2D/3D/360 media, arrange and publish.

Byond’s published product is immediately available through web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) on PC/mac/smartphones, or through dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Samsung Gear VR, Google DayDream, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, AR Kit and AR Core.

All data is collected and can be deeply analyzed, then conclusions can be amended in the experience and published right away.

Our Offering

  • Byond publisher is a web-based editor toolset.
  • Can upload any type of media (2d, image, video, 3d, audio), arrange It in space set some basic interaction rules and publish it as 360/VR/AR apps. Editors can change anything in real time.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

Our customers are companies that went to take the dive into alternative reality worlds, but are afraid of the challenges in them. Anyone using Byond’s platform can create a VR/AR app in minutes, with no technical skills required.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • Focused on B2B customers from media, sport, real estate and tourism
  • Deep integration to existing systems (CMS, analytics etc.)
  • Quick response time to new platforms (AR/XR)