Company Profile 

CallVU offers an innovative Mobile Digital Engagement Platform blending rich digital and interactive media with the voice channel. CallVU drives simple interactions to self-service and enhance meaningful interactions to a branch like experience. CallVU addresses the business need of diverting customers to digital self-service resulting in reduced call volumes, higher utilization of existing digital assets and greater customer experience. CallVU is a Gartner Cool Vendor in Customer Service CRM 2016.

Solution at a Glance

CallVU’s platform expands self-service with mobile digital engagement based on visual IVR, Collaboration and Service BOTs. Once a service call is made, CallVU diverts it to digital self-service, allowing customers to quickly and easily resolve issues without having to wait on the line for agents. Organizations can maximize the efficiency of digital assets, such as existing mobile and website apps, and serve them to callers during the live call. This opens new revenue streams, achieves more digital usage, reduces costs and enhances both customer experience and the organization’s digital brand.

Our Offering

CallVU offers a Digital Engagement platform comprising Visual IVR, Agent-Caller Collaboration and Service BOTs.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

Challenges: Increase digital adoption; Improve customer experience; Streamline contact center operations

Benefits: Transforming every interaction into digital; Enhancing self-service capabilities & reducing the pressure on the contact center; Advanced customer-agent collaboration opening new revenue streams and higher conversion rates

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

CallVU is the only pure-play “digital engagement” vendor with a full stack platform comprising visual IVR, collaboration and service-BOT capabilities.

CallVU re-uses existing digital assets like web and apps, and makes them accessible to customers over telephone conversations (using smart-phone)

CallVU offers much faster time-to-market because it doesn’t require companies to build a new digital track – but rather it reuses existing digital assets – making integration and setup simpler and faster