Company Profile 

Cellint provides a complete smart city mobility solution by using big data analytics over cellular network data. Cellint’s solution tracks all active phones in the network, passively and anonymously, to the exact street they are traveling on, pinpointing their exact location on that route in short intervals. This data is used by mobile carriers, municipalities, governments and major industry players across the globe to manage real-time road traffic, transportation management and planning, congestion mitigation and parking demand, crowd and event management, safe city and tourism management.

Cellint’s suit of products also provide solutions for out of home media analytics, advertisement and customer analytics.

Cellint has great references from tier one customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Solution at a Glance

Cellint uses Big Data Analytics on cellular network data for providing a complete mobility solution for Smart Cities. Cellint generates location measurements of the mobile handset by comparing the real time signaling messages from the mobile network of all active phones with pre-generated cellular maps of the roads, assigning GPS coordinates from the reference database to each such cellular message in real time, regardless if the phone has a GPS or not. The data is used to detect congestion in real time, as well as its root cause analysis, and for break-through Origin Destination studies, brining transportation management to the next level. With excellent references from many customers across the globe, Cellint brings multimillion $ revenues to mobile operators from vertical markets.

Our Offering

Cellint provides a complete mobility solution for Smart Cities and transportation agencies based purely on cellular network data. Our best real-time traffic information (sensor’s grade) combined with origin destination studies enable our customers to actually reduce congestion without any infrastructure investments, field work and manual polls.

Other customers for population analytics, utilize Cellint capabilities to deliver solutions for out-of-home advertainment, location based services, etc.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

This is the only solution in the world that can provide automated root-cause analysis of congestion, by combining the best real time traffic monitoring solution (both of private vehicles and public transportation) with origin destination analysis, both based on cellular network data

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

The only solution that enables street level accuracy location of all active phones in the network, in real time.

Enable mobile carriers a huge advantage in the 752,000,000,000 USD market of smart cities.

No competitor can provide such solutions since network data belong to the carrier, and with Cellint’s technology it turns into a gold mine!