Company Profile 

CellMining revolutionizes network analytics with a unique approach and patented Subscriber Network Analytics technology. It analyzes subscriber experience data, identifies usage patterns and correlates subscribers to cells, services, handsets, roads and more. CellMining’s solutions – Behavior-Based SON and Network CEM create the needed link between customer experience insights and network quality and optimization.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence, CellMining employs sophisticated pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms to correlate driving patterns, survey responses, handset attributes, customer demographics and communication experience quality indicators to customer satisfaction and churn. It predicts the direct impact of network actions on individuals and group churn likelihood and prioritizes network rollout and maintenance activities. CellMining also uses self-learning techniques to automate network re-configuration and optimization (SON) for improved customer communication experience.

CellMining solutions are deployed at Tier-1 carriers in America and Europe. Other global groups are in advanced joint research programs together with CellMining.

Solution at a Glance

Our solutions share the Subscriber-Network Analytics platform where subscribers experience is correlated with cells, roads, services, handsets and other UE profiles.

Behavior-Based SON™ – uses these experience insights to self-optimize the mobile network

Virtual Network NPS – predicts network detractors across full subscriber base for effective marketing retention campaigns and prioritized network activities.

Connected Journey Experience – maps highways and railways’ segments to Key Quality Indicators to improve experience of fast-moving and driving subscribers. Addressing the Connected Car market, it offers experience insights of drivers to car manufacturers, operators and platform providers.

Additional Subscriber Experience products include Quality Monitoring for Enterprise Accounts, VIPs and Inbound Roamers.

Our Offering

Behavior-Based SON™ – a 3GPP-compliant SON solution – automates reconfiguration and maintains optimized network performance by analyzing subscriber experience.

Network CEM provides actionable experience insights, correlating and predicting impact of network performance on churn, improving service quality for fast moving subscribers on highways, and improving retention for business, VIP and roaming customers

Customer Challenges and Benefits

  1. Subscriber experience doesn’t exist in current network optimization and operation practices
  2. continuous subscriber experience monitoring is partial, costly and technology/vendor dependent
  3. subscriber centric networks (like 5G) require subscriber centric analysis technologies
  4. Connected Car – the in-car experience insights remains out of reach for operators
  5. NPS and churn are merely measured, however network impact on them remains un-actioned

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • Network actions – from rollout to daily maintenance – performed with business priorities, focused on improving retention
  • Key Quality Indicators drive subscriber centric analytics and enrich subscriber profiles with network experience
  • Accurate prediction of NPS detractors and churn potential related to network experience
  • Improved utilization of heavily invested infrastructure supporting mobility traffic.
  • No GPS, no trace nor probe, no footprint on the device