CGS Tower Networks

Company Profile 

CGS provides innovative network visibility solutions that are critical for Cyber Security and network performance monitoring deployments. The solutions resolve the two top network issues – avoiding network blind spots that can be the source of the cyber breach and eliminating network congestion that overutilizes the tools to the point where they don’t have enough resources to get the job done. By aggregating, filtering and load balancing network traffic, CGS solutions minimize cyber security risks and maximize return on infrastructure investments.

CGS is the only company that provides high-end and modern network visibility appliances with unparalleled density and performance at an affordable price.

Solution at a Glance

Network visibility solutions that enable and optimize cyber security and network performance management deployments.

Our Offering

  • Network TAP that allow non-intrusive access to network traffic for monitoring purposes
  • Packet Broker that performs aggregation, replication, filtering, and load balancing
  • Server based packet broker
  • Smart Matrix to optimize traffic generators for test labs

Customer Challenges and Benefits

  • Network TAPs and aggregation that provide non-intrusive network visibility
  • Optimize tools performance by filtering network traffic
  • Eliminate duplicated packets that over utilize the tools
  • Multicast, distribute and load balance traffic to multiple tools
  • Reduce licensing costs by filtering network traffic

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • Software based packet broker that can leverage best of breed hardware platforms
  • Modern hardware platforms with superior performance and competitive pricing