Cloud of Things

Company Profile 

Cloud of Things offers a unique IoT operational platform and device management solution for enterprises and manufacturers, based on its patent-pending technology. The CoT DeviceTone™ plug-and-play Edge-OS instantly connects any device to any cloud, making the device IoT ready within minutes.

We make IoT simple by providing an end to end IoT solution that can be used as a full-stack IoT platform while maintaining the flexibility to direct the data to any clouds and run on any hardware to fit any market needs.

Cloud of Things offers a family of IoT Gateways edge solutions powered by DeviceTone™ for the home, enterprise or Industrial sector as well as a range of reference hardware and its own cloud.

Cloud of Things sets a new standard for the next generation of IoT solutions and simplifies the digital transformation of businesses by developing a common framework for secure provisioning, processing and performance at the edge, and connectivity to the cloud of choice for IoT solutions providers.

Solution at a Glance

DeviceTone is a ready-to-run “connect, manage, enable” IoT solution that makes it easy to make any device a connected device on any cloud. The DeviceTone™ Edge-OS integrated capabilities make it easy to connect, control and manage devices without complicated development. The DeviceTone manager delivers instant fleet management, monitoring and control for all of your devices, 1:1 millions at a time.

Our Offering

Fast time to market: our cross-platform plug-and-play Edge solution cuts firmware development time in half

Future-proof , customized solution – cross platform & hardware agnostic
Cost savings: on-device data analytics for data traffic optimization, and CloudSwitch™ technology for directing data to any cloud or multiple clouds, drive down costs.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

Companies want to bring connected products and services to market, but it’s hard. It takes specialized skills and agility to create products that can adapt in a rapidly changing world. Cloud of Things created DeviceTone to make connected products fast and easy so companies can focus on business and transformation.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

DeviceTone is the only IoT product enablement solution that gives companies everything they need to get products online, managed, and into production on the cloud platform of their choice with our patented technologies. The plug-and-play client delivers a fast time to market with a full set of capabilities supported by management tools that put companies in control of a future-proof solution.