Company Profile 

CymbIOT offers a unique product-based approach to integrating and managing large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) and Video Management Systems (VMS) networks and deployments.​

​Our products feature out-of-the-box deployment of the most complex sensor networks via a single rapid, affordable process – utilizing existing infrastructure and assets to reduce time-to-air and offer immediate return on investment.

CymbIoT integrates any and all systems- from different manufacturers, providers, and integrators: our products can fuse and manage information and operational capabilities, providing a single interface for viewing data and configuring complex interactions between different subsystems.

​We work with partners and channels to manage millions of sensors across numerous verticals, delivering actionable intelligence and real-time response capabilities to customers worldwide.

Solution at a Glance

CymbIoT C&C is the only market-available, field-tested product that utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to connect all types of systems, sub-systems, video feeds, and sensors into a single platform.

Designed for a wide variety of operational needs, CymbIoT C&C delivers real-time response capabilities to operators and managers. The system easily adapts to any organization, with integral user permissions, flexible UI tools, and automatic process management.

​CymbIoT C&C is sensor agnostic, easily integrating any 3rd party products to rapidly deliver a working IoT solution.

Our Offering

From Smart & Safe Cities, to Prison & Transportation Management – CymbIoT provides customers with challenge-focused solutions that provide real answers to real needs.

CymbIoT offers a new UI experience and operational advantage to users, connecting all sub systems and sensors while deploying intelligent analytics and user driven action management.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

CymbIoT targets Sensor Manufacturers, Solution Integrators, and Service Providers, enabling these enterprises to open new revenue channels and grow their offering to customers from single-point sensors and solutions to fully integrated turnkey IOT platforms.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

Product, not Program – Available, off-the -shelf product with over 50 IoT use cases.

Immediate ROI – Immediate ROI for cities and enterprises via integration of existing systems and sensors within 14 days

Flexibility – Flexible integration engine to support any sensor and system: • 70+ formats supported • Up to 14 days for deployment of new format.

Tested & Proven – Scalable & Robust architecture supporting any kind of deployment- Cloud & on premise.

Company References and Strategic Partners

HPE – IOT Partner
ARROW – Distribution Partner

Technology partners:

References: Smart City Kingston Jamaica, Smart Transit Singapore, Smart Airport Nepal (Tribhuvan International Airport), Smart Prison – all Federal Jails in Mexico, Smart Waste – Israel in partnership with Cella-V, Smart Sea Port – Rotra Netherlands.