Dojo by BullGuard

Company Profile 

Consumers deserve more when it comes to security. At BullGuard, we make it simple to protect everything in your digital life—from your data, to your identity, to your Smart Home. As the only security company whose sole focus is on the consumer, BullGuard combines technical expertise with a genuine understanding of your needs to deliver complete protection across all your connected devices. We’re your own private bodyguard—tracking and tackling security threats so you can connect confidently, control easily, and travel freely throughout your digital world.

Solution at a Glance

Dojo by BullGuard provides cybersecurity and privacy for the connected home. We call this Smart Home Security.

It’s the best custom-built solution to protect Wi-Fi enabled devices in the home. Dojo gives customers the freedom to add as many Smart Home devices as they want without compromising privacy or security. Dojo by BullGuard is the cornerstone of a Smart Home, ensuring a connected world where every consumer, in every home, is smart, safe and protected.

Our Offering

Dojo by BullGuard provides the most comprehensive cybersecurity solution available in the smart connected home market. Unlike competitors that have simply repurposed legacy technologies, Dojo is a state-of-the-art, multi-layered network security solution, designed and built from the ground up to secure the modern, connected home.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

Dojo by BullGuard is the best way to protect your smart connected home and family against cyber threats and privacy risks. From baby monitors and alarm systems to thermostats and more, Dojo gives you peace of mind by keeping the threats out, and ensuring your family and your most personal things are secure.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

Connected home security is all we do and we are the best in the world at doing it. Dojo by BullGuard is built from the ground-up as an enterprise-class network security service, and is delivered in a way that is incredibly easy for consumers to use Dojo provides our customers with an unprecedented multi-layered protection:

Automatic Device Discovery and Categorization

Smart Firewall

Smart IPDS (Intrusion Prevention and Detection System)

Secure Web Proxy

Network Behavior Anomaly Detection