Company Profile 

eyeSight is the leading provider of embedded computer vision & deep learning solutions, bringing user awareness and gesture recognition technologies to a variety of devices and industries. The company’s technology improves daily life interactions with the home, the car, and other consumer electronics with simplified user experiences that are intelligent and personalized.

eyeSight’s embedded computer vision solutions utilize deep learning and AI to enhance the user experience with Smart Home & IoT devices, Automotive systems, VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, and other devices. The company’s proprietary computer vision technology offers a range of intelligent touch-free interactions; enabling both active interactions with gesture recognition & finger tracking, and passive sensing with user detection and action recognition to trigger predefined functions.

Solution at a Glance

For the smart home, eyeSight’s offers convenient home control based on user sensing and gesture recognition, as well as enhanced TV viewing experiences with real-time analytical data. eyeSight’s computer vision capabilities detect the number of viewers present, their ages, and genders to enable personalization and targeting like never before. Using this analytic data, a tailored experience can be catered in real-time; prompting preferred settings, displaying relevant ads, or providing content recommendations, for an ideal viewing experience.

For Automotive systems, eyesight provides in-cabin sensing, including driver monitoring, driver identification, and touch-free gesture control for a safer and better driving experiences.

Our Offering

eyeSight’s embedded technology upgrades the end user interaction and securely provides comprehensive data for personalized touch-free experiences. The technology can be embedded as software or via turnkey computer vision optimized hardware + software solutions.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

With eyeSight’s technology users enjoy smarter homes, better driving experiences, immersive VR control and other interactions that are personalized and truly responsive to user actions. With eyeSight’s embedded viewer awareness capabilities true viewership can be reported in real-time, enabling a more ideal experience with content consumed.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • eyeSight’s embedded computer vision capabilities are best in the market and the only one to offer user recognition, data analytics and gesture control combined in one solution.
  • For over a decade, eyeSight has been investing in research & development to create market-leading solutions which are already deployed in millions of devices globally.
  • eyeSight’s embedded technology assures privacy to the end user while eliminating latency or connectivity issues.
  • eyeSight provides an entirely natural experience by combining its touch-free gesture control capabilities with voice control, giving users the ability to choose the most suitable type of interaction at any instance.