Company Profile 

Giraffic is the inventor of Adaptive Video Acceleration™ (AVA™) – the market leader in client-side-only network throughput optimization and video playback shaping technology, enabling consumer electronic (CE) devices and content providers’ OTT apps to deliver Higher Definition video, 4K and VR, without re-buffering pauses or streaming resolution reduction.

With over 80 million devices already shipped with AVA by world’s leading device manufacturers, in 200 countries, Giraffic’s groundbreaking AVA technology has become the de-facto standard on smart TVs and being shipped this year also on smartphones and OTT apps.

Giraffic has recently launched its AVA SDK for content providers and OTT Pay-TV operators, and the technology is now making ways into mobile and TV streaming apps as well as VR. AVA SDK is being deployed by some of the most prominent content service providers and Telcos as part of their streaming service’s applications.

Solution at a Glance

Adaptive Video Acceleration™ (AVA™) outsmarts internet bandwidth limitations & video ecosystem complexities entirely from the client side. The patented software runs seamlessly on any operating system, device or app, comprises 3 main building blocks: Real-time network analysis and network behavior prediction; Video playback shaping- analysis of video files and dynamic resizing of available fragments; and HTTP client-side acceleration that applies the analyzed data to assign the best acceleration strategy, while managing multiple TCP connections, HTTP pipelining and effectively stitching multiple streams. AVA adjusts to ever-changing WiFi and cellular networks, extracting higher throughput thus enabling higher quality and smooth viewing experience.

Our Offering

Giraffic product portfolio includes solutions for mobile operators, content service providers and device manufacturers, accelerating SVOD and live streaming, as well as 360 video and VR. The addition of AVA SDK allows service providers and app developers to easily integrate Giraffic acceleration into any streaming app.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

The rapid growth of streaming video consumption on mobile devices causes worldwide networks to increasingly overload. Consequently, consumers are subjected to severe internet congestions and inconsistent, poor video quality. AVA eliminates video viewing frustration regardless of streamed content, consumer location, or device, delivering supreme quality video, even when on-the-go.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

AVA optimizes bandwidth performance by overcoming network limitations, providing uninterrupted HD and UHD 4K viewing experience, with crisp, steady picture quality. The built-in streaming optimization extracts over 200% higher throughput from existing network, so viewers gain up to 300% higher resolution and up to 80% less buffering pauses. AVA’s Quality-of-Service mechanism minimizes unwanted bitrate switches, cutting resolution changes by half, providing consistent streaming video, regardless of congested network conditions. Client-side only software operates seamlessly, requiring no integration on server or network side, eliminates viewing frustration caused by buffering and poor image quality, increasing user engagement, viewing time and brand loyalty.