Company Profile 

Glassbox empowers organizations to manage and optimize the entire digital lifecycle of their web and mobile Customers. Leveraging unparalleled big data, behavioural analytics, session replay, free-text search, application monitoring and machine learning capabilities, Glassbox enables enterprises to see not only what online and mobile Customers are doing but also why they are doing it.  Most importantly, Glassbox informs and facilitates action based on those insights that can lead to enhanced Customer experience, faster Customer disputes resolution, improved regulatory compliance and agile IT troubleshooting. Glassbox’s solutions are used by medium to very large enterprises mostly in the telecommunications and financial services and insurance industries and could cater to the needs of a wide range of verticals including healthcare, travel, hospitality and business services.

Solution at a Glance

Glassbox captures, records, replays and analyses your web and mobile app sessions in real time. You will understand what customers do on your digital channels and why. Every swipe, click, mouse movement, performance and availability metrics are automatically captured, stored, indexed and encrypted.

That’s a lot of data and you certainly don’t want to spend time crunching numbers or watching session replays.

Therefore, we use AI and Machine Learning and provide you autonomous insights to help you discover issues or opportunities within your digital channels, so you can make quick changes and have a big impact on your business.

Our Offering

Digital Behavioural Analytics, Digital Risk and Compliance, Digital Experience Performance Analytics, Digital Customer Support Optimisation

Customer Challenges and Benefits

  • Automatically map digital customer journeys
  • Record-replay every website/native app session
  • Create funnels to understand online behaviours
  • Identify root causes of online customer struggles
  • Understand why customers are abandoning transactions
  • Create new revenues by discovering what customers really want
  • Operationalise insights by integrating rich digital data into your IT infrastructure

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • 100% recording
  • EXACT session replay, ONE platform, Web/Mobile
  • Full support of Single Page Applications
  • Tag-Free, retroactive
  • Google-like search for specific sessions
  • Deep insights from Client AND Server-Side
  • Patented Compression Technology
  • Fast to implement
  • Enterprise-wide use cases