Company Profile 

Hoopo, founded in late 2015, is developing GPS-less geolocation solutions. It aims to become the leading standard for geolocation of LPWA IoT networks (*LPWAN = Low-power, wide-area networks).

Using its unique, patent-pending technology, hoopo can geolocate any low-power transmitting device; thus, drive-down solutions’ BoM costs & immensely reduce battery consumption while operating in urban environments.

Based on its unique geolocation technology, hoopo provides low-power asset-management & tracking solutions.

Solution at a Glance

hoopo provides asset-management & tracking solutions. Using its unique geolocation technology, hoopo’s tracking solution is capable of geo-locating devices without using GPS. Thus, driving-down devices’ BoM costs & immensely reducing their battery consumption. Therefore, increasing RoI for tracking solutions in ports, harbors, airports, vehicle yards etc.

hoopo’s technology is also licensed to low-power network operators to enable use-cases in verticals of precision agriculture (free-grazing cattle tracking) or emergency services.

Our Offering

Geolocation solutions for IoT networks and solutions.

  1. LPWA asset-management & tracking solutions.
  2. Geolocation technology license for LPWA networks.

Customer Challenges and Benefits


Tracking of assets in wide-area use-cases (ports, airports, vehicle yards, farms etc). Using existing solutions based on GPS hold a high cost and short battery life.

Using hoopo’s geolocation technology reduces the cost of the solutions and immensely increases the devices’ battery life.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  1. Pricing – device & infrastructure costs (affordable)
  2. Tracking of low-power IoT devices (A. longer battery life. B. accurate geo-localization).