Company Profile 

HopOn is a seamless real time mobile ticketing platform which allow hassle-free validations at mass transit networks , Big Data and Analytics. HopOn Big Data allows Operators  to improve their Public Transit efficiency and to enhanced their User Experience and allows then to send a targeted content. The solution reduce Operational cost , Reduce Boarding time , Create new customer experience , Move from Pre-paid to Post paid , charge based on BIBO and increase the efficiency of the Operator and the Municipality

Solution at a Glance

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Our Offering

Real Time Mobile Ticketing for Public Transportation, Mobility as a Service for the whole transportation market and big Data and Analytics

Customer Challenges and Benefits

Customer Challenges :
Expensive Hardware , High Maintenance cost , High operational cost , Delays in service , pollution , Driver selling tickets instead of driving , limit Statistics of passengers behaviors. , routes not optimized .

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

Seamless mobile ticketing platform
From Cash to Electronic Payment
From Hardware-based solution to Software-based solution
From Pre-paid to Post-Paid / Best available price
From Pull to Push
From “Card-Centric” to Account Based Ticketing