imVision Technologies

Company Profile 

imVision Technologies was established in 2014. Backed by two leading VCs, the team currently includes professionals from multi disciplines including Telco Networking, cyber security, anomaly detection and Machine learning. imVision’s solution is targeting Tier-1 Telco operators running either legacy physical networks, Telco over Cloud networks such as NFV/SDN, or are on a migration process with a hybrid approach of both legacy and cloud.

Solution at a Glance

Applying a unique combination of expertise in networking as well as cyber security and machine learning, imVision’s solution is the first and currently only available service-aware, Network and Resource based Anomaly Detection Platform (ADP), applicable to NFV, hybrid and legacy network environments.

ADP monitors the control and management traffic as well as NFVI resource consumption for all the entities/functions relevant to a specific Network Service. By correlating behavior between entities, the platform detects quickly and efficiently any anomaly in the service interactions, and provides in depth analysis to the cause of such anomaly.

Our Offering

imVision’s platform facilitates Network Service Security processes, by leveraging Service Analytics based on a core technology of Service-Aware Learning algorithms. In addition to its Service Security application, imVision’s platform facilitates Dynamic and Automated Service Fulfillment and Service Assurance processes, by leveraging Service Analytics based on a core technology of Service-Aware Learning algorithms.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

Although Network Function Virtualization (NFV) brings many benefits to Telco service providers, including significant reductions in Capex and Opex, increased automation and shorter time to market of new services, it also makes the detection of network’s anomalies much more challenging.

With an automatic detection and isolation technology, this process can be significantly shortened, while providing more precise and detailed analysis.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

The ADP core technology is based on:

  • “Service-aware Learning” – A hybrid approach of classical Machine Learning algorithms with pre-trained models, leveraging the intimate Network Service behavior expert knowledge
  • Correlative Behavioral Analysis algorithms enabling strong incident indications due to predefined knowledge
  • L4-L7 Data Analytics engine converting raw anomaly events into meaningful incidents for efficient mitigation and remedy

By understanding the protocols and procedures of familiar network services, a Correlative BA platform like ADP provides significant added value compared to General BA systems or traditional OSS-based correlation solutions.