Company Profile 

Inpedio is a company led by a team of cyber security veterans with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in mobile security & cyber-attack methods. Inpedio provides cutting-edge cyber solutions to government and business sector customers around the world.

Solution at a Glance

Mercury by Inpedio is a comprehensive mobile security software solution for smartphones (iOS & Android). Mercury provides multiple defense layers to protect from various malware attacks, physical access information extraction (forensics), communications interception and traffic manipulation attempts.

ZEROX by Inpedio is a solution for real-time detection & prevention of malicious software such as viruses, worms, Trojans and other Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s) on private & enterprise’s MS-Windows workstations. Unlike other solutions in the market, ZEROX prevents known and zero-days based vulnerabilities attacks and provides also valuable information for forensics and exploit analysis.

Our Offering

  1. Mobile Security Solution (Mercury). Mercury secures information for individuals and organizations with Multiple layers of smart security safeguarding the entire mobile environment – from within the smartphone.
  2. PC Security Solution (Zerox). An innovative solution for private & enterprise’s Microsoft Windows OS endpoints’ security. ZEROX prevents both known and zero-days/ransomware based vulnerabilities attacks.

Customer Challenges and Benefits


  1. Limitation of Mobile current security solutions (e.g. Anti-Virus) due to Android/iOS sandbox operation concept.
  2. Zero Day Cyber-attacks on PC’s that will not be detected by Anti- Virus software.


  1. Multiple Layers of smart phone security
  2. Safeguarding the entire Mobile Environment
  3. Prevention of Zero Day attacks on PC’s

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

Mobile Security Solution

  1. CYOD/BYOD – Securing multiple iOS/Android Devices
  2. Software Based (Not Application)
  3. Open Garden Approach
  4. Mostly Server Less Architecture

PC Security Solution

  1. Zero Day exploitation detection & prevention capabilities
  2. Minimal Performance Impact (CPU & Memory)
  3. High ratio between detection & false alerts
  4. Build-In Honeypot for malware capturing and analysis
  5. Integration with 3rd Party Solutions (e.g. SOC)