Company Profile 

IonTerra’s is an Israeli Startup in the Automotive field, offering its unique computer vision rtCVI™ software only solution for supplying information for ADAS for the car itself as well as for cars in the surrounding area.

IonTerra’s real time computer vison identification ( rtCVI™ ) software transforms the camera of the car into a sensor that automatically detects objects, specified by filters on the platform, and thus, provides important objects for driver assistance systems such as- on-street parking, parked cars, road signs and more. All these objects are detected in real-time, while their absolute position and relative position to the car is being reported. The data is gathered and collected in the cloud for further processing and big data analyzing.

Solution at a Glance

IonTerra developed and patented a unique real-time computer-vision algorithm that enables the car industry to reach a new level of safety and accuracy in the race from ADAS to autonomous driving. This technology is called rtCVI™ (Real-Time Computer Vision Identification).

IonTerra’s solution consists of two main components:

  • The client software platform – rtCVI™ for real-time computer vision analysis
  • The cloud software platform – rtGIS™ for data mining and big data analysis

Both platforms can run independently and have interfaces with other 3rd party platforms and data providers.

Our Offering

  •  rtCVI™ – rtCVI™ is a client based software only platform enabling the identification, locating and dimensioning of objects surrounding the car in real time. The whole process of object identification and classification is done on the device/car and only the Meta data of these objects (type, location, size etc.) is transmitted to the cloud keep full privacy.
    The platform is already integrated into the GPU / ECU of the connected cars.
  • rtGIS™ – IonTerra’s cloud platform rtGIS™ analyses the information provided by rtCVI™ further with respect to previously obtained and analysed historical data in order to generate real-time GIS data.
    Combining both platforms rtCVI™ and rtGIS™ IonTerra is able to provide high accurate maps requested by the automotive industry for specific projects like parking solutions, but also real-time maps of any other static and dynamic identified object.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

  • Flexibility – Changing the objects to be identified requires in IonTerra’s software platform only the change of a filter, no data bases or learning mechanisms are required.
  • Maps – the automotive industry is seeking to create maps for the next levels of autonomous driving. IonTerra’s is using the already existing infrastructure to create these maps.
  • Redundancy – For autonomous driving level 4 and 5 IonTerra provides redundancy on the application layer.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

IonTerra’s rtCVI™ software platform is a software-only solution and already integrated into GPU/ECU of the car.

IonTerra provides a flexible platform requiring only one set of parameters for any object that should be identified.

IonTerra is using the multiple sensors – camera, LiDAR, RADAR etc. – in a non-exclusive manner. The information needed by rtCVI™ depending only on the selected use case/filter

IonTerra’s software platform allows the identification of objects while maintaining user privacy.

IonTerra is supplying the data of the vehicle’s surroundings as needed for autonomous driving, without any user intervention.

Company References and Strategic Partners

Undisclosed Car OEMs and Teir-1s
Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems)