Company Profile 

JpU’s own developed mobile core transforms telecom network complexity and rigidity into highly flexible, elastic virtual network, compatible with any virtualized computing infrastructure. Combined with its innovative self-service connectivity and network management platform, JpU revolutionizes network control and security paradigms by shifting full control from the mobile service provider to the hands of the enterprise customer.

Solution at a Glance

JpU’s own developed mobile core may be deployed and run over any cloud environment.

Our Offering

JpU own developed mobile core and connectivity network control platform let operators offer enterprises with mobile core as a service. While substantially lowering TCO associated with IoT services, I/PaaS substantially improve enterprise control over its IOT network, managing massive number of things and serving verity of customers and use cases

Customer Challenges and Benefits

For CSPs IoT:

  • Elastic, flexible and efficient, IoT core
  • Differentiated, competitive IoT offering
  • Profitable business, reduced TCO while improving service

For IoT Enterprises:

  • Simple, operator-free, standard IP, Things network management
  • Centralized, robust IoT device & network security
  • Self-service management & configuration for operation efficiency
  • Provides network-as-a-service for cloud and managed services models benefits

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • JpU own developed, consolidated, virtualized mobile core, which is built for IoT
  • JpU core abstraction and its management GUI/API open IoT mobile core for safe, enterprises self-service control over their own IoT networks capabilities
  • JpU provides robust, centralized, network based security to protect IoT devices and networks
  • With JpU simple management, operators delegate network configurations and operations, reducing their operation while allowing for timely and richer capabilities
  • With JpU, mobile operators can offer and monetize differentiated, advanced IoT services
  • With JpU customers leverage a cloud, mobile core as a service benefits