Company Profile 

Who we are?

Inventors, developers and providers of software-only module for hyper-local weather-measuring

Mission Statement

To improve quality of life and mitigate health risks for billions of people worldwide, by providing them accurate real time environmental data wherever they are.

Solution at a Glance

MobilePhysics is a mobile sensor fusion software-only solution for hyper-local weather (ambient) observations. It collects environmental observations from the mobile device’s own multiple sensors and analyzes them to accurately represent weather measurements ( like temperature humidity and air pollution) around the device, making real-time weather-based applications possible with no additional hardware (even offline)

Software solution that can leverage Smartphones all over the world to provide accurate, hyperlocal weather and particle data through an easy to use SDK

Our Offering

Data sets processed through proprietary algorithms and machine learning to construct a comprehensive representation of any environment and generate real-time actionable insights (for developers/Samsung/end user) We collect multiple data sets of information from billions of smartphones to enable high resolution mapping of environments in real time. Surface layers that include air quality particles, temperature, humidity, wind, light intensity, UV, sound pollution, precipitation. Data is processed every minute and every kilometer

Customer Challenges and Benefits

  • Particle pollution, noise pollution, extreme temperature exposure, other environmental variables affect our health and well-being
  • The relationship between these variables and human health is well-known, it is scientific fact
  • They can be measured, but measuring them is cumbersome and requires expensive equipment
  • Leads to a lack of actionable insights regarding environmental variables
  • Result is millions of lives lost, billions of health problems, and trillions of dollars spent annually in response
  • Limited data is scattered and impractical.
  • Poor resolution of environmental information due to low concentration of sensors.

Weather Nowcasting and Forecasting are based on very low resolution meteorological stations,

and on mathematical extrapolation and hence provide inaccurate and unreliable microclimate data.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators


The only software-only mobile ambient thermometer system that is functional and certified.