Company Profile 

MUGO creates a unique social network for listening and sharing music between users.

MUGO changes the current frustrating state of mobile music where any kind of social experience requires juggle and paste between various apps, and it’s still not a satisfying experience.

MUGO does it right, making music social again on mobile.

MUGO’s “Live Share” technology enables multiple users to listen simultaneously to the same music, at the same time.

MUGO users can publish their own Music Story, share their music experience and build their personal Music Identity – creating the ultimate social music platform.

MUGO was founded by 3 mobile apps experts (have been working together in cutting edge mobile technology since 2008, managing ‘iApps Technologies’ – high-end mobile development international company). Mobile apps are in their DNA.

MUGO App (apple/google):

Solution at a Glance

MUGO offers a complete social music experience. By aggregating various music providers, MUGO allows users to listen together to the same music, even when each user listens to the song on his/her device from different music provider.

MUGO provides a whole social platform for users to mingle, match, chat and create their music story & music identity.

Our Offering

Music has always been social. But today, the mobile social music experience is fragmented. In order to get some kind of social experience, we have to juggle and paste between various apps, and it’s still not good enough.

MUGO does it right, making music social again on mobile.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

MUGO users can share their music experience and build their Music Identity.

More exciting features:

  • “Following” other users and playlists.
  • Personal “Music Match” with users.
  • Exploring GEO based “Music Around Me”.
  • Create “I Feel Like” playlists determined by user moods.
  • Live “Music Chat” with users while listening to shared music.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

MUGO isn’t a music streaming service. It’s an innovative social LIVE music platform that lets you enjoy music from your device and from leading providers – seamlessly in a single smart player.

By aggregating various music providers and its LIVE Share algorithm, for the first time ever users can enjoy the same music simultaneously with friends.

With it’s addictive social experience, users can explore music, share music, follow and be followed.

Company References and Strategic Partners

Advisory Board:

  • Steven Greenberg – Media & Entertainment.
  • Brian Rabinowitz – Record Producer.
  • Asher Swissa – DJ Skazi.
  • Oren Bar-On – Financial Leader.
  • Yakov Kedmi – Strategic Marketing & Brand Building.
  • Amit Lang – Strategic Business Development.