Company Profile 

Imagine your smartphone could sense smells as easy as it captures pictures. What would be smelling? The sense of smells is closely linked with emotional memories, peaking curiosity of the greatest scientists.

Scent recognition is the last digital frontier, NanoScent is creating a standards to make scents readable to everyone. Scents are surrounding us on a daily basis, thus we believe scent detection technology should become accessible to everyone and for every purpose, starting from airport security to recording memories or the smell of your baby.

We want to make smelling part of the digital world. For this purpose we aim to collaborate with enthusiastic partners who wish to resolve unanswered questions using scent detection technology. The scent recognition software and readers rely on NanoScent’s proprietary sensor chip, developed over a decade at the Technion Institute by Prof. Hossam Haick, originally for detecting cancer.

Our mission at NanoScent is to make smelling part of the digital world. So you could upload new scents to the cloud and develop your own smelling applications, disrupting so many industries.

Solution at a Glance

The scent recognition system includes a reader and software. The scent reader is used for collecting smells from human breath or from closed chambers. The device includes sensing chambers, pneumatics firmware and sensor chips. The scent recognition software allows collecting data using mobile phone interface and access to the cloud.

The data is uploaded to NanoScent’s scent recognition software for training, the system includes 3 steps for scent collector, planning, collecting and analyzing. Once a scent model is set up it could be accessed via API to almost any app.

Our Offering

Scent readers (hardware) connecting to mobile phones for collecting data.

Scent recognition software for training models, analysing data and connecting to external API. Development support for designing new application.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

Customers want to use smells for many applications, in agriculture, diseases, food, security and more.

NanoScent’s system makes it extremely easy and affordable to collect new scents. Developing your own applications

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

The only scent recognition software.

Sensor chip requires low energy (from phone) and has high sensitivity (ppb)

Company References and Strategic Partners

Scent recognition is the last digital frontier, NanoScent is making scents readable to everyone.

Scents are surround us everywhere, our detection technology sets a standard, accessible to everyone and for every purpose. Starting from human health to recording memories or the smell of your baby, our scent recognition readers Win.