Company Profile 

Radware is a global leader of application delivery and cyber security solutions for virtual, cloud and software defined data centers. Its award-winning solutions portfolio delivers service level assurance for business-critical applications, while maximizing IT efficiency. Radware’s solutions empower more than 10,000 enterprise and carrier customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges quickly, maintain business continuity and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down. Radware maintains international headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Solution at a Glance

Radware is the leading provider of holistic cyber security and application delivery solutions ensuring optimal service level for applications across enterprise and cloud data centers.

Radware’s Cyber Security solutions are used by: • 7 of the top 14 stock exchanges & 12 of the top 20 commercial banks • 6 of the top 20 retailers & the NBA, NHL, MLB & NASCAR • 4 of the top telcos & 2 of the 10 top cloud service providers

Radware’s Application Delivery solutions are used by: • 10 of the top 12 mobile operators • 8 out of the top 20 banks • Top E-Commerce retailers • Top Government authorities

Our Offering

  • NFV Alteon —Fully compliant NFV, utilizing highly-performing intel DPDK technology
  • DefensePro — Offering high-end platform for DDoS extremely mitigating attacks with high volumetric 100GE interfaces
  • DefenseFlow – network-wide cyber command and control application Hybrid Cloud DDoS Protection Service integrated with on-premise DDoS protection device that helps automate network security incidents response.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

  • Cyber-attacks are becoming longer and consisting of multiple attack vectors
  • Operators look for ways to reduce their TCO by adopting advanced, software-based network services by leveraging NFV and SDN BHD.
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE) keeps gaining momentum and unprecedented mobile exhibits traffic demand and more stringent cost-effectiveness console requirements

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • Featuring cyber control application-control capabilities of SDN, which enables new ways of investigating, detecting & mitigating network-wide, multi-vector attacks
  • Industry first Enabling NFV ADC — load balancing and GiLAN game
  • Proxy — unified utilization line RAN
  • Hybrid DDoS protection – with full security messaging between CPE, network, and scrubbing centers provide:
    • Widest coverage attack with full multi-layered protection
    • Automated DDoS attack 0 day protection and real-time signature creation technologies
    • Shortest time to protection with on-premise starting mitigation in real-time, and unique SSL attack mitigation
  • Center and cloud security components, anomaly detection, best in the market time to mitigate