Company Profile 

RunEL, funded in March 2015, is carving its way to be a technology leader in the 5G mobile wireless revolution. The company vision is: “to improve life experience by connecting people and things using superior technology” and its mission is to: “Introduce the revolutionary Sparq-2020 chipset for 5G infrastructure that will become a significant player in the Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) field of applications.

RunEL, leaded by its reputable founder Dr. Zion Hadad, consist of a team of Mobile Communication experts that invented and pioneered the OFDMA technology back in the 2000-2006 timeframe and introduced it to the standards and it became the physical layer basis of the 4th Generation LTE and WiMAX Cellular Networks of today.

Now this team is gathered together again reinforced by young and talented researchers in order maintain its technological leadership in the OFDMA field and to lead the way towards the 5th Generation revolution.

RunEL team is actively participating in the 5G standardization bodies and influencing the 5G standards evolution.

The company is also a proud member of the HERON 5G consortium organized by the Innovation Authority of Israel and also a proud member of the 5G European Union consortium named IoRL as part of the Horizon-2020 program, In both consortiums the company is collaborating with other leading technologies companies and universities in the development of 5G generic technologies.

Solution at a Glance

RunEL is introducing the Sparq-2020 System on Chip (SoC) for 5G infrastructure. The SoC includes a complete 3GPP 5G (Release 15) Physical (PHY) and Media Access (MAC) layer functionality and is optimized for low latency and high reliability performance. In addition to the standard compliant functionality, the company introduced some substantial innovation to the evolving 5G PHY and MAC layers architecture, including the Sparq Minislots and the I-MEC, that reduces the latency in wireless broadband cellular communication to unprecedented records in order to enable applications such as: V2X, Remote Surgery, On line Gaming, Automated Factory, etc.

Our Offering

RunEL offers the Sparq-2020 SoC and the Sparq-2020RDB (Reference Design Board) at 3.5GHz and 28GHz to 5G Equipment Vendors of Base Stations, New Radio, RRH and SRRH. The solution is also suitable for Vertical Market Applications that needs low latency communication such as Drones, Augmented and Virtual reality and more

Customer Challenges and Benefits

RunEL customers that needs a 5G infrastructure solution with outstanding performance can use the Sparq-2020 and will benefit from a smooth and pain free path to a state of the art product. The customer can customize its products with its own ideas and modules using a unique RunEL comprehensive interface.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

The Sparq-2020:

  • Is first in the market with a 5G standard compliant (REL-15) SoC for network infrastructure
  • Includes full 5G PHY and MAC
  • Best in Class latency below 250 microseconds
  • Is optimized for Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication applications such as: Automated Factory, V2X, Remote Surgery, Augmented and Virtual reality, on line gaming, Drones, IOT, etc.
  • Enables a smooth and painless path from design to commercial product using the Sparq-2020RDB Reference Design Board
  • Enables its users to include their own ideas and modules in the final design using its programmable sections