Company Profile 

SecuriThings is an IoT Security company focused on protecting IoT solutions from cyber threats across multiple verticals including the smart home, smart building and smart city. The company was founded by a team of cyber security experts from IDF’s elite intelligence unit and RSA Security. The company is well funded and based in Tel-Aviv.

Solution at a Glance

SecuriThings provides comprehensive security for IoT solutions. By utilizing big data and advanced machine learning combined with IoT cyber intelligence feeds, the system is able to analyze human & machine behavior to detect threats in real-time. This layer of real-time security allows organizations to constantly monitor their IoT services, enact policies and mitigate attacks.

Our Offering

SecuriThings monitors and protects IoT solutions in real-time. SecuriThings provides organizations visibility and control, while preventing a wide range of attacks such as stolen account credentials, malicious insider threats, device botnets and more. The solution is provided as a managed service with a seamless deployment via IoT clouds and gateways.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

The lack of real-time security for IoT solutions has made them a prime target for cyber attacks. The list of threats and risks range from traditional user credential theft or account take over attacks and compromised service APIs, to more sophisticated malware specially designed for IoT devices.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • Quick and Simple Deployment
  • Visibility Across the Wider Attack Surface
  • Fully Managed Risk Models and IoT Cyber Intelligence Feeds
  • Enforcing Policies and Regulations
  • IoT SOC Enablement
  • Compatibility with Existing Security Systems in Place