Surf Solutions

Company Profile 

Founded in 1996, Surf Solutions is an industry leader in high-capacity multimedia processing technologies. The company offers off-the-shelf capabilities for scalable video, voice and signal processing as well as complete and powerful solutions to the challenges of multi-location, multi-channel surveillance. Surf’s solutions have been implemented and deployed by leading global companies around the world.

Solution at a Glance

Surf has architected a complete, end-to-end video surveillance solution with cyber security capabilities, that effectively gather and consolidating high-capacity video feeds from multiple sources in real-time.

SurfSight connects a large number of remote cameras from various sites and on-board cameras from vehicles with the video surveillance network. In addition, SurfSight provides secure distribution of video feeds and access capabilities for ad-hoc viewers- on any device and on any network.

Our Offering

SurfSight is a robust smart surveillance solution that provide a comprehensive and operational picture of all events in real time. It allows to understand and manage events on the ground continuously, achieving total situational awareness to effectively take action if and when needed.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

The main challenge of surveillance networks is to seamlessly and reliably transmit high-density video feeds in real-time under unstable mobile network conditions. In addition, most surveillance solutions are closed systems and cannot offer secure access for video viewing and sharing to a wide network of users at any location.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • Remote site accessibility
    Aggregates video feeds from a large number of remote cameras.
  • Overcomes unstable wireless networks
    Optimal and continuous transmission of video feeds over mobile and unstable wireless networks.
  • 90% bandwidth savings
    Minimizes upload costs.
  • Real-time video transmission
    With less than 200 ms latency.
  • Secure video access & distribution
    Distribution of multiple video feeds to any mobile device without exposing access to the surveillance network.
  • Mobile video sharing
    Secure contribution of video feeds to the network from any mobile device.
  • Computer vision
    Event based detection for intelligent recording and streaming.
  • Cyber security
    With authentication, encryption and auditing capabilities.