Company Profile 

TechSee is a pioneer and a category leader in “Support of Things”. TechSee revolutionizes the customer care domain by providing the first intelligent visual assistance solution powered by augmented reality and AI. TechSee enables customer care teams to provide their customers with interactive visual assistance, which reduce costs and enhance customer experience, to address the emerging support needs in the smart home era.

With ‘TechSee Live’, by setting up a remote visual session, the customer can ‘transport’ the issue over the smartphone camera and the agent is able to act like a virtual technician, simplifying the communication from “tell me what you see” to “show me”. TechSee patent-pending technology applies advanced deep-learning computer vision algorithms on massive visual repository of technical issues, to learn from every customer interaction and automate over time the support process. With AI powered virtual tech assistant TechSee allows to customer care representatives to better diagnose and solve technical issues, as well as allow the consumer an effective self-service.

TechSee’s Customers have seen significant ROI by dramatically lowering the field technicians dispatch rate, increasing First Call Resolution rate, reducing Average Handling Time and improving customer satisfaction. TechSee won the innovation award by Accenture for best Customer Experience and was selected by the leading global players in telecommunications and home appliance industries as their vendor of choice.

Techsee is led by customer service industry veterans with years of experience in contact center technologies, video, computer vision and big data. Techsee is headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices in Boston and Madrid.

Solution at a Glance

TechSee Provides an intelligent visual engagement platform, which delivers a unified view of customer technical issues across customer care teams and support channels. With TechSee Live the customer can easily visualize the technical issue via his smartphone camera to the customer care representative, and receive a visual guidance powered by Augmented reality.

TechSee AI based platform applies deep learning based computer vision algorithms which learn from every interaction between the customer and the expert, to automate over time the support process by auto recognition of devices, technical issues and their resolutions.

Our Offering

TechSee Live – AI based Visual Engagement platform across all channels:

  • Call centers
  • Digital channels
  • Field services
  • Self-service

Customer Challenges and Benefits

The smart home revolution creates a new reality, where the exponential growth of devices generates overwarming demand for technical support. Companies realize that they need to adopt scalable support models, and shift to ‘self-service’ while improving the customer experience. TechSee intelligent visual support enables dramatic cost reduction as well as enhance the efficiency of all support channels.