Company Profile 

Trackimo develops various personal safety and object tracking solutions, with the most cost-effective, compact GPS devices, and a global GSM/IoT service. With trackimo you can locate and track any person, vehicle, pet or precious object in seconds, using web or apps, and get alerts through multiple channels. Trackimo’s cloud-based API enables integration to multiple security and tracking systems. Trackimo provides extensive API and offers multiple integration and white-label options to partners and distributors. Trackimo technology is developed in Israel with subsidiaries in Europe, USA, and China.

Solution at a Glance

Trackimo provides unique solutions for personal safety and asset tracking. Trackimo combines powerful GPS technology and worldwide cost-effective communication that’s more accessible, more personal and more useful than any other tracking solution. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, in a purse, clip on a belt or a dog’s collar or hide in your car, and keeps track of the things that matter most — from anywhere in the world, with global 2G and 3G cellular coverage. Both personal and corporate solutions such as fleet tracking are provided.

Our Offering

Easily track everything important to you at the most affordable price. Keep children and elderly family members safe. Always know where your car or bike is. Fleet and workforce tracking. Trackimo gives you peace of mind. Traveling or exploring? Your friends can know you are safe and follow your travel.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

  • Track personal or business fleet vehicles in realtime.
  • Know when vehicles exceed speed limit, manage authorized hours and zones.
  • Get Alerts when elderly family members or children are lost or distressed.
  • Keep track of business shipments.
  • Safety for avid explorers and travelers.
  • Don’t worry about sim cards of cellular charges.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

Powerful, highly scalable asset tracking without the need for complex and costly hardware or software. Allows for competitive pricing and costs up to 75% more affordable than our competitors, with a worldwide service at no extra cost. We provide built-in sim cards for global communication and can also integrate with carriers sim cards. The only comprehensive 2G and 3G solution in the market.

Trackimo devices contain uniquely designed boards which optimizes usage of GPS, GSM communication, Bluetooth and WiFi sensors for indoor location and proximity. Patent-pending algorithms and protocols ensure fast delivery of location and alerts at minimal communication rates.