Company Profile 

Driven by connectivity, services, and features; new business models expand automotive revenue, while Voice-activated virtual assistants will be the killer application to motivate customers to share their data and use more services

Vocalzoom delivers HMC (Human Machine Communication) solution, for reliable and accurate Voice Authentication and Voice Control, in real life noisy environments, for the Automotive Market, Robotics, and other sectors.

VocalZoom allows for voice-based virtual assistants to work accurately in the car, Authenticate passenger’s identity and unleash new opportunities to monetize data and services, personalized services, and enable voice-based payments

Solution at a Glance

VocalZoom developed a small and low-cost laser sensor to be used as a noise-free microphone measuring voice from facial skin vibrations. Together with its unique authentication software, VocalZoom is offering an optical voice based authentication solution that is secured, seamless and continues. It works in any noise scenario and is immune to fraud as it requires the sensor to see the person talking. The sensor measures distance and velocity of the object it’s looking at. The detected parameters can be used for different applications on the same sensor and hence saving the need to several sensors that are specialized in one application only.

Our Offering

VocalZoom is offering a unique optical voice authentication platform that will allow OEMs and Tier1s to monetize and personalize in car services for drivers and passengers. VocalZoom’s 1 cent size sensor is capable of offering additional applications i.e. noise reduction, distance measurements and healthcare parameters saving in-car Real-Estate.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

  • Voice control and voice activation in noisy environment
  • In-car real-estate
  • Continues and seamless authentication
  • Secured biometric authentication
  • Ease of use

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • Noise Free Optical Voice Authentication
  • Fraud immune Authentication
  • In-car real estate saving – several applications on 1 sensor – Authentication, Noise Reduction, Distance measurement, 3D and healthcare vital signals.