Company Background

ZecOps is a Cybersecurity Automation company. Founded in July 2017, by Zuk Avraham (Founder & Chairman at Zimperium) and Taly Slachevsky. ZecOps products gained high traction during its first year, while still in stealth-mode, with well-known customers from the technology, finance and telecom segments. ZecOps is working with law enforcement agencies, banks, critical infrastructure, tech, payment solutions and tel-cos to solve major pain points in cyber security. ZecOps is funded by KPN Ventures, Evolution Equity Partners and others. ZecOps is headquartered in San Francisco with R&D offices in Tel Aviv and with 11-50 employees.

Product Description

ZecOps agent-less solutions are easy to deploy with minimal friction. ZecOps solutions learn from attackers mistakes in order to fully disinfect the organization from that threat actor. ZecOps turn inbound attacks into Threat Intelligence by automating threat analysis and incident response processes, in an affordable and scale able way. ZecOps leverage combination of machine-learning, machine analysis, anomaly detection and AI technologies, in addition to deterministic intelligence that simply work. ZecOps enable IT and analysts to act as security experts, boost organization’s SOC productivity while reducing TCO on data acquisition, analysts headcount, and traditional security services.

Unique Value proposition

We boost security while enhancing both IT and DevOps.
Minimal friction,
Automated analysis,
Cost reduction of IT, SOC, Services and Help desk.

Company References and Strategic Partners

Smartone (HK), KPN (NL), First International Bank of Israel, Plug and Play, Microsoft.